The excitement of riding a Bali Quad Bike / ATV RIDE on the beach

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Confused by the atmosphere of the holiday season at the end of 2022? An ATV ride is recommended as the beaches of Bali are guaranteed to leave you with a completely different impression than your previous vacation. Activities on the beach are even more interesting as the beach breeze adds to the beautiful natural scenery of the sea and creates a very cool atmosphere. The excitement of riding a / Quad Bike on the beach is so much fun.

Apart from that, you can also explore some very beautiful traditional villages and rice paddies. Driving through the local villages, you will be able to see the different activities of the local population, which are very typical and still have strong traditions. In this article, we’ll take you through the excitement of driving Bali his quad on the beach, starting with trails and other caveats. Enjoying

ATVs on the beach is one of our favorite spots on the beach at Tabanan Regency, Bali. The beach at this location is black, soft sand away from the crowds. The road in this place is also quite long and as for the route to be followed, it takes a tourist two hours from start to finish. What’s even more interesting is that at this location an experienced guide accompanies you through the route. We also provide safety equipment such as helmets and boots.

The first section to cross is smooth black sand. This one trail can be described as fairly easy, but tends to negotiate some muddy and fairly steep trails. But don’t worry, this trail will actually be easier for those who want to enjoy the excitement of quad biking in Bali, especially for beginners and those with no experience at all. Something to keep in mind are those who are active at the beach, such as fishermen and small children who like to play.

Next, the road across the river, Goda and temples, Hinduism. After passing a black sand trail, tourists cross a small river that flows from the sea. The feeling of crossing a river is a special emotion that we can experience. More interestingly, on certain days, tourists can not only participate in excursions, but also during some religious ceremonies held on the beach while wearing traditional Balinese costumes and their own philosophies. , you can also witness first-hand what the Hindu tradition is like.
The next road is a very beautiful forest and rice fields. The panorama of the endless rice fields is so beautiful that you want to enjoy the rice fields of the residents. Some of the working farmers are also real eye-catchers. Quads in Bali rice field conditions, the vast green rice fields are a feast for the eyes.

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If you want to enjoy a tour with your family, there are some age restrictions. The minimum age considered is 7 years old and the age limit is 65 years old. If you are under the minimum age, you will not be covered by insurance.

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